“Gary de-cluttered and organized all areas in our home, including every room, the kitchen, every closet, the basement and garage. He set up areas so that there was a place for everything and created more space and made every part of our home more functional. He helped us decide what to keep and what we really did not need.We gave away many items, sold other items and threw out many things. He gave us great ideas to use in keeping our home organized.Gary is very friendly, respectful and understanding and he cares about you and your situation.Gary listens to what you have to say about what you want.We have used Gary for other projects and give high praise to him.I highly recommend Gary for all your organizing needs.” – Gail  

“Gary, you have solved our paper clutter problem for us. We feel wonderful about the control we now have over our dreaded mail. Our small bedroom upstairs is now a functioning part of our home. WE CAN IRON CLOTHES! I am able to sew! It is a usable room that we had not been able to use in almost a year. My studio space is becoming a workable space for me. I am gradually throwing away more stuff and categorizing other things I want to keep. I’ve created an “Archival File” in one of the old portfolios and am able to sort things such as art work my children did, art their children have done and things I don’t want to throw away. Much HAS been tossed but this is coming together for me. I do feel it will become a favorite place for me to paint. Working with you has made me more aware of what to keep and what to toss. Without you, I would not have been able to throw away a fraction of what is now gone and forgotten. As I said, I have even discarded more than we did those days we worked together. Working with you is an easy thing. You do not poke blame, make fun, or scowl. You are all business and very professional, yet very friendly. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather throw stuff away with than you. Thank you for helping us make a much needed change in our life. Without you, it was overwhelming and I couldn’t see how it could happen. You made it happen. Thank you!” – Joanne

Home Business/Home Office

“I recently had Gary A. Kroll review my work space in my home office. After a thorough analysis and review of my needs, he provided a plan customized to my needs. In a very short time my office was transformed into a much more workable, organized and efficient area. Gary worked with me step by step explaining the why and the how of each system he created for me. As a result of his expertise, each time I walk into my office I’m more focused, less stressed and more productive since I’m not working around or avoiding any areas. Each area is now fully functional. If you want to increase your productivity, decrease your stress and need systems that work better for you in your business or your home, I highly recommend you have Gary provide you his analysis. His expertise and talent in organizational systems is outstanding and he provides complete confidentiality as well.” – Walt

I started my business a little over two years ago, out of my small home. I now have two facets of my business that keep me very busy. My main issue has been keeping personal and business separate when you can see them both at all times. Things got mixed together, lost and undone. I became quite overwhelmed. Gary A. Kroll, owner of The Organizer 4 You, picked the perfect line of work for himself, and thank goodness for us. He is highly organized in his living and thinking. This is passed on to others, such as me, allowing another set of eyes to view something that is too close to the everyday operator. Gary came into my home at 4pm. After a thorough consultation, we got to work. When we finished SIX hours later, my office is now in efficient order. With all labeled, I know where everything is and business isn’t running into pleasure. De-clutter your space and you begin to de-clutter your mind. Keep Gary in mind for your personal and business needs, time management and even moving needs…and so much more! Highly professional and confidential, Gary will assist you unconditionally. You will be far more productive in every way. Gary … I can’t thank you enough!” – Nancy


“Gary completely organized our entire office so that we saved time and became more productive in our busy day.He organized and labeled our files and computer disks so that they were easily accessible for quick reference.He set up the supply room to find exact items in exact places as he put them in designated spots with the labels in plain view.He organized individual offices so that we could find things easier and were not such a mess as before.Gary is very personable, courteous and respectful and he knows what you want and need.If you know what you want, Gary can produce it.Gary is the person to organize it.He will get to know you and what you need and want to accomplish.Gary is a great listener and does not judge you.I strongly recommend that if you need your home or office organized, Gary will make it happen.” – Julie

“I am normally a very organized person; however I am finding myself out of my office more and more these days. When I return there are usually piles of “to do” items left on my desk from various people throughout the center. Some items are addressed immediately but some are not. That is where my problem started! Piles of papers left on my desk with no rhyme or reason as to their organization. In comes Gary A. Kroll, a Professional Organizer who I met through networking. I must admit, at first I thought I can do this by myself. I don’t need someone like Gary coming into my office as a witness to my mess! I will just keep doing what I have been doing until I find time to go through all of this….when someone comes in, I WILL HIDE IT! Well, there comes a point that no longer works anymore. Gary was professional, courteous, respectful, and above all QUICK! In 3 hours my office was reorganized with a passion! All paper piles were filed, thrown away, or completed right there on the spot with Gary’s insightfulness to organization. Now when I am looking for something…..I find it right away! Can you believe that? Thank you Gary for all your help and tips that I will carry with me going forward!” – Laura


“Gary helped me unpack and organize my new home. He was invaluable in the kitchen as the new kitchen was much smaller than the old one. He is very knowledgeable on downsizing and utilizing space efficiently. In two days, we not only settled the kitchen, but also the dining room, guest bath and linen closet. All during this process Gary gave me very helpful tips and ideas on organizing. Since our new house is smaller than the house we moved from and we are looking to move to an even smaller house in 5 years, I have been using Gary’s ideas to help me become better organized. I also have started to evaluate the contents of our home and have incorporated Gary’s plan for downsizing. Gary is very easy to talk to and really listens. He gives his clients a plan that is appropriate for them. I would highly recommend Gary for anyone who needs help organizing, downsizing, etc.” Krista

I hired Gary to help me organize and pack my one-bedroom apartment for a cross-country move. I was reluctant to hire an organizer, but now I don’t know how I could have done it without him! Moving is a daunting task, and Gary helped me tackle my sorting and packing quickly. It would have taken forever without his help. Money well spent!” – Alan